Accord - Where Gatherings and Ideas Find Perfect Harmony

Step into the inviting embrace of Accord Hall at Monk's Nirvanaa Hotel and Resort, a versatile venue thoughtfully designed to accommodate both vibrant kitty parties and focused conferences. Encompassing 700 square feet, Accord Hall offers a cosy and intimate setting where camaraderie flourishes and ideas resonate. Experience the delight of seamless conversations, ideas flow freely and discussions lead to transformative outcomes and shared laughter as up to 30 guests revel in the warmth of Accord Hall during a spirited kitty party and conferences. Whether you're seeking the joy of a lively gathering or the productivity of a purposeful conference, our attentive team is dedicated to ensuring that every detail is executed flawlessly. Discover the harmonious blend of versatility and intimacy at Accord Hall, where every event is transformed into a memorable occasion. Your journey to exceptional gatherings begins here. Our halls come complete with modern amenities to enhance your experience. Enjoy the comfort of air conditioning and seamlessly deliver presentations with state-of-the-art projectors and audiovisual equipment, ensuring your event is both comfortable and impactful.